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Does your website work on mobile devices?

Now that 60% of the Internet's traffic is generated from mobile devices such as phones and tablets, it is vital that your website is displaying correctly. If you ignore this, then so will your potential customers. People expect that sites are mobile friendly.

Advertise on Google, Bing & Yahoo

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising allows you to display your company's advert at the top of the search engines. Your qualified account manager will assist in keyword research, creating an advert and monitoring results.

How is your Social Media presence?

Social media is an important part of any business and incredibly powerful! We can manage your Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram accounts to ensure you are effectively engaging with your clients.

What does your website
really say about your business?

Your website is the online equivalent to a shop window. Web design trends can change quickly, so it’s easy to let your site fall behind. You may not think that an outdated website is a problem, but it could be damaging your business credibility!

With the U.K. online sales estimated at £216.32 bn in 2016, others will notice if your site hasn’t had a major revamped in the past few years.

So even if you do offer the best service, product or price if your site isn't responsive, is confusing or just isn't performing for you as well as your competitors, potential customers will shop elsewhere.

Sometimes all it takes is a few simple steps to turn your online business around - Let's put some new life into your website, creating a fresh and appealing site for your customers to enjoy.
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Did you know...

Number of seconds you have to engage with a user.
The average click-through-rate for a Google ad.
Of visitors will click on the company's logo to reach the homepage.
Of Pinterest’s daily traffic comes exclusively from mobile.

Are you selling products online?

So you have a great website and an even better product, but no one is buying it? There could be a number of reasons for this - lack of traffic to the site, it doesn't work on mobiles, the checkout doesn't work or maybe just a simple error.

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