Social Advertising

Social Media Advertising with Digital Perform Isle of Man

Advertising via social media reaches out to potential clients who may not actually be actively seeking you! Our team will drive your platforms to unite services and products with the thousands of individuals who actually can actually bring something to your bottom line. Our qualified team use highly targeted methods of social media advertising that will confidently identify your exact demographic and reach, we will target the specific reach at an affordable rate.

Generate Engaging Social Media Adverts That actually Perform for you!
Digital Perform designs visual social media adverts that continually capture attention. From adopting engaging advertising copy to fusing effective colours and imagery, our team are guaranteed to work with you to provide sales driven and reputation building awareness.

Laser-Targeting Reaching the Relevant Audience
If you have a great product, we want to help you SHOUT about it by connecting your business to people who are ready to listen. Applying the detailed targeting functions of social media sites, our team can bring together demographics, behaviours, interests and categories of those people who are most likely to bring you results. This can also be incorporated into email and website retargeting, advertising directly to the people who have taken an interest and visited your site.

Optimising Ads through Analysing Data and Testing
Our team understands the importance of your budget our social media planning isn't just a stab in the dark! We always establish an understanding of your drivers and needs ensuring that your campaigns will actually perform for you. Analysing engagement and results, we are always willing to A/B test our adverts to finely tune images or new copy to ensure we are talking in a style that your audience responds best to. All this fine tuning of numbers and testing adverts, assure’s our clients that we make educated decisions with their budget.

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