Social Audit

Social Media Audits by Digital Perform Isle of Man

Wether you are an aspiring start up, a successful business owner, marketing professional, or just someone who loves to squander an hour or so online, I bet you know a lot about social media already?

You are able to gage what you should ‘Like’, what people want you to share, how to organise your content on different social platforms and when you should be active, you have looked into each social media site what content is most suitable and where your audience hang out - haven't you?

But in reality, if you are using social media for business you need to understand ideal behind creating growth and driving sales. After all, there are so many platforms available, each one offering unique strengths and weaknesses, and guidelines that aren’t always easy to navigate and change as often as the weather.

Digital Perform offer some clarity to your social needs we will assist in preparing your individual social media audit checklist allowing you to analyse your efforts, highlight any shortcomings, and provide expert advise on how best to resolving them.

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