Social Planning

Social Media Planning by Digital Perform Isle of Man

Everyone is a social media expert and if you aren't so hot at it yourself i bet there will be a member of your team or family who have more friends, likes and fans that you could ever dream of.

All so often businesses will take this easy, cost effective route to their social media charging full steam ahead without a consideration to defined the core business objectives or even a clear strategy. We know businesses signing up to each and every social media platform without forethought. There is no consideration to the which platform the target audience is visiting so remain disheartened by occasionally posting material that doesn’t interest their audience offering no converting marketing benefit.

Without planning social media is a costly waste of your time and resources Strategic planning doesn't start at the which platform to use our team will take the time to understand your goals, who you are talking to, what it is you aim you to accomplish, and what set of social tactics will best fit your resources.

With our Four-Step Plan

1. People.
2. Objectives.
3. Strategy.
4. Technology.

We can turn your social media around.

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