Social Strategy

Create your Social Strategy with Digital Perform Isle of Man

Your social strategy shouldn’t be all about the occasional tweet or meme of a cute cat! Consumers expect so much more in their feed to encourage engagement. With the adoption of smart mobile devices has come the complete change to the online user experience. Users demand a seamless experience, no matter where they are, or what media they happen to be using.

Social in its own definition should be friendly, polite, compassionate enhancing your online reputation and presence. Social media has been and continues to be driven by the consumer …. Let us help you engage with your consumer or you will get left out of the conversation! We will put together a strategy to pushes boundaries, built around a thoroughly researched understanding of the market, the target audience, and your overall business objectives. From there we set out to answer a number of questions:

1. How best to build upon your overall business objectives?
2. Learn from your competitors social communities and how they impact upon consumer and business decisions?
3. Which channels best serve your audiences and the type of content you offer, can we build that truly integrated experience for your audience?
4. How will social media best fit into your overall infrastructure, personality, commitment?
5. Can we offer ongoing measuring of the successes and fails? Ensuring a reactive, adaptive strategy?

When the right social strategy is in place, each and every post, tactic and campaign will have a purpose created to engage and build the right audience, driving your business goals. A measured, long-term successful strategy will communicate that consistent, integrated experience for your user.

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